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Sosban Fach Welsh Restaurant

A brand new restaurant opening in 2014 in the heart of Cardiff city, offering an exciting culinary experience. Our mission statement is to revive the old traditional recipes and bring traditional Welsh food within the reach of everyone.

The real taste of Wales can only be appreciated with ingredients that are produced wholly in Wales and not merely packaged in Wales. We are proud to support our Welsh farmers and producers.

Our menu features a range of authentic Welsh dishes taken from recipes cooked throughout Wales, dating back as far as the Romans and right up to present time. We are inspired by Welsh culture stretching from the markets of Abergavenny to the shores of Pembrokeshire and from Cardiff to Conway. Our experienced chef have studied various reference and history books and consulted experts in order to put together an outstanding array of truly Welsh dishes, designed to excite the palate and bring back memories that have fed a truly great nation. Very soon you too will be able to experience "the real taste of Wales".

Let us take you back to yesteryear when Wales was free from contemporary fusion dishes and new fangled concoctions to a place where the true taste of Wales still ran deep within the hearts and minds of people of a very proud country. Harp music filled the air and the sweet scented daffodil perfumed every cottage garden... A time when miners mined, farmers farmed and where our local Welsh produce and Welsh food fuelled the bellies of our rugby heroes.

We are currently hiring chefs and English and/or Welsh speaking waiters and waitresses. If you are interested in joining us click here.

Recipes are registered to Sosban Fach 2009. All rights reserved.