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Traditional Welsh Menu

Our experienced chef have studied various reference and history books in order to put together an outstanding array of truly Welsh dishes, designed to excite the palate and bring back memories that have fed a truly great nation.

Here is a sample of what will be available:

Appetiser (Cychwynyddion)

Cawl Cig oen (Mutton Broth)

Taken from a family recipe this thick soup of tenderised mutton and seasonal root vegetables, served with bakestone bread and farmhouse butter

Cawl Cenhinen a Tatws (Leek & Potato Soup)

Softened leeks with chunky rough cut potatoes in a rich creamy sauce served with bakestone bread and farmhouse butter

Teisen Cranc ar Cocos (Crab & Cockle Cakes)

Locally caught fresh crab and cockles with Penclawd Laverbread encased in breadcrumbs, served with a garlic, herb and mayo dip

Wyau ynys mon (Anglesey Eggs)

Poached egg on softened leeks, smothered in cheese sauce and grilled to perfection


Recipes are registered to Sosban Fach 2009. All rights reserved.