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Main Course (Prif Gwrs)

Cig oen a Mintys (Minted Lamb)

Succulent lamb shank slow roasted in red wine with fresh garden mint

Ffowlyn Rhost yn yr clai pot
(Roast Chicken in a clay pot)

Roast whole spring chicken with spices and orange, cooked in a clay pot

Mecryll gyda Winwns (Mackerel with Onions)

Pan fried mackerel with braised onions with herbs and welsh cider

Tarten Cenhinen, Caws gafr a Chnau Barfog
(Leeks, Goats cheese and Hazelnut Tart)

An individual tart of locally produced goat’s cheese in a rich crust pastry

Black Mountain Beef

Sourced from a farm in the Breconshire mountains this excellent meat is brought to you cooked to your specification. Chose either Fillet, Sirloin, or Rib-eye steak


Side dishes

Tatws pum Munud (Five minute Potatoes)

Potatos sliced and tossed in frying pan

Teisen Winwns (Onion Cake)

Layered potato and onion baked in the oven

Cennin Gyda Caws (Leeks in Cheese)




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